Anonymous asked: ZRe you available this evening for a couple booking!

I am on leave until the end of October.

Anonymous asked: Hey Melanie! Wishing you well with your pregnancy, love to see some final pics :) My Question was How have you found your experience working whilst pregnant compared to normal? Thanks! <3

I don’t think I will release any final pics and not for free - no point now, I wont be pregnant by the end of the week.

Working has been abysmal - not for the work itself the clients I have seen have been lovely.

But the amount of jerks, arseholes and timewaster enquiries and fuckarounds has been unbelieveable.

I think part may be that pregnancy seekers are not regular client types, so assume deposits mean I am going to rip them off, despite publishing my abn, having a business bank account and showing my face - so I am clearly traceable if I was a con artist.

Most have been just wankers, want to spend time discussing the nuances of what they want - seemingly with no intent of going through with it. Even getting to the point of agreeing to go ahead and pay deposit from the outset, getting my bank details and then not bothering to reply again, pay or do anything.People arguing about doing deposits - and the odd times I gave in and took the appointment - they no-showed, or turned up with less than 1/3 of my normal pre-maternity fee - still expecting that would be enough to get something other than booted the hell back out.

Also so many fuckers won’t read, even stuff in bright orange - I got a huge amount of are you full lactating yet calls - despite it saying I was not on my website.

Less than 2% of enquires went anywhere at all, and of those less than half were genuine.

It has put me off working in general to be honest - after my time off, if this is still the enquiry trend I might find myself something else to do - or get a receptionist to field that crap - I am not willing to put up with that crap again.

Anonymous asked: Hi Melanie, just wondering what positions are u able to do at The moment? Also which ones feel good for u?

Pretty much limited to doggie, and I am only working for 3 more days.

Anonymous asked: Does belly play (massage, rubbing lotion, cum on the belly) turn you on during pregnancy?

Not sure about turn me on, but it certainly makes me feel more comfortable and confident with my new round shape.

Anonymous asked: Are you an amputee

No I am not. that is quite clear from my many pictures available. I turn up under the google search for amputee because my website states I will happily see clients who are.

Anonymous asked: When you are breastfeeding / lactating will you still be working and would you find it sexy / arousing to have sex then? Is sex now more sensual than when not pregnant?

As I put on my general site I will be on leave until the end of October following birth. I intend to return to work at that time. I won’t know how I feel about lactating until it starts. I can be more horny now though I don;t know if I’d use the word sensual as it can be a bit awkward.

Anonymous asked: Does the baby kick harder when you cum? Does the baby seem to like it when you get fucked?

This is definitely a question - interesting maybe, appropriate I’m not so sure. Climaxing releases endorphins which tend to relax anyone who is effected by them, including those with even a non-direct blood supply.

The second part I won’t bother to answer because a) its a bit creepy and b) your choice of language doesn’t exactly scream respect, consideration or general curiosity.

Anonymous asked: Hi Melanie, after your pregnancy will you be working again and will you offer breast sucking whilst lactosing? Dean

Yes my current plan is to return to work at the end of october once I start leave.

Anonymous asked: what size erect penis have you found gives you the most sexual pleasure ?

There is far more to pleasure than the size of penis - it’s one of the least important factors to me. Friction is the more boring part of sex to me anyway. But even with size, there is angle, curve and how the body it is attached to fits with mine, so there is no magic number.

I wrote about penis sizes in my blog ages ago

Anonymous asked: are you more hot & horny since becoming pregnant ?

I am certainly more sensitive. Some days I am not that horny - until I have some stimulus.. then off I go. Other days I am just crazy randy and spend all my spare time masturbating in one form or another.

Anonymous asked: what's your sex position do you enjoy the most & why

Generally standing up doggie facing a mirror. It’s comfortable and has a good view. It does vary with different people however - it doesn’t work with some different height differences that can’t easily be compensated for with footwear.

Anonymous asked: How much do you charge

My current offerings and rates are here

new karma sutra - biology based

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Anonymous asked: How are you finding working while pregnant? Is it becoming more restrictive?

It is limiting in terms of things I can still physically do, and I get out of breath much quicker, since my intestines are being forced up into the space my diaphragm used to like to move down into to let me take deep breaths.

Other than the physical limitations of ability and shape restrictions it’s just fine. Increased blood flow and sensitivity make up for it - well for me anyways.

Anonymous asked: What was the biggest penis you had sex with? How was it? What was your reaction? Likewise what was the smallest? What's a perfect size for you?

The largest - about 2 coke cans stacked, being both length and thickness. While he was gentle to start, the few strokes just before he finished gave me internal bruising and I was unable to hardly move let alone work for a week.

The smallest I have seen it was not possible for him to have intercourse.

Perfect, meh I don’t think it is just a size thing, there is more to shape and angle and the rest of the way the body surrounding it will fit with mine.

I find penises useful, but I am not particualrly a fan of peoples’ genitals, they serve a purpose - I like peoples brains.